August 10th 2016

CSMS# 16-000691

FDA Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP)

July 28th 2016

CSMS# 16-000646

Federal Register Notice Published Announcing the ACS to ACE Transition for Protest

July 28th 2016

CSMS# 16-000648

Initiation of AD/CVD Investigations: Finished Carbon Steel Flanges from IN, IT and ES

July 13th 2016

CSMS# 16-000583 -

Explanation of FCC Data Requirements for July, 2016

July 6th 2016

CSMS# 16-000564 - Updated

ACE Development/Deployment Schedule Posted to


ACE-Harmonized Tariff Schedule Update

CSMS# 16-000538 - ACE-Harmonized Tariff Schedule Update & HTS Testing in ACE-Certification<br /> Modifications discussed in this CBP message include the removal of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) OGA (Other Government Agency) indicators from various HTS records, effective July 1, 2016.


US Customs CSMS message 16-000499

Regarding update on CBP ISF enforcement measures now in the hands of the ports

August 23rd 2016

CSMS# 16-000740

FDA - Division of Import Operations Launches New Website for Stakeholders

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